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Our Approach

Our Approach

Logo's, Corporate Identities, Company Branding will always fail when there is no design brief. A thorough and articulate design brief is a critical part of the design process. It helps develop trust and understanding between the client and designer - and serves as an essential point of reference for both parties.

Our Story

Our Story

We started of as illustrators and logo designers. Our goal is to expand our services to reach a more broader audience and eventually get more happy clients. With our drive, hard work and passion we will reach this goal.

Flyer One hour to 10+ hours
  • How detailed is the creative brief?
  • Is there a template to follow?
  • Are copy and images provided from the start, finalized, and sized appropriately?
  • What’s the review process, and how many people are involved?
Logo Five hours to 20+ hours, possibly over several weeks
  • How detailed is the creative brief?
  • How thoughtful do you want the process to be? (E.g., to represent your brand long-term versus an image to test a concept.)
  • What elements are involved: Illustration? Typography?
  • Do you have existing brand guidelines and/or a color pallette?
  • What other materials need to be considered (i.e. branding materials such as letterhead or business cards)?
  • What’s the review process, and how many people are involved?
Infographic Four hours to 20+ hours
  • How detailed is the creative brief?
  • Who’s writing the script and doing the research?
  • Is it a vector image or hand illustration?
  • What’s the review process, and how many people are involved?

Meet the Team

Awesome clients deserve awesome designs. With that being said, my team will always strive for positive customer satisfaction.
We achieve this through collaboration, perfect design briefings, feedback-loops between us and clients and everything professional.


Otniel Perica

Founder & CEO

Illustrator | Graphic Designer | Freelancer |  Lover of all things cars-related


Gregory Dorff

Team Player

Design Briefer | Illustrator | Identity Researcher | Introvert | System Manager | Social Media Specialist

Next Steps...

Looking for more than just a new logo, a cool car design or even complete corporate identity for you company branding? Feel free to send us your message.